Voter disenfranchisement is common fraud

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Voter disenfranchisementOne of the most common types of electron fraud is disenfranchisement of voters. This happens in every country where elections are held, even the US where you would think people wouldn’t stoop to such underhanded tactics (wait, of course they would!). Disenfranchisement essentially means making it so that people can’t vote and can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

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Electronic voting machines are subject to electoral fraud

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Electronic Voting machinesElectronic voting machines make it impossible to carry out certain types of electoral fraud but they open up new types of fraud at the same time so they’re far from perfect. Some of you might think that such thoughts are paranoid fantasies but the machines have actually been tampered by people looking to prove it’s possible, including Princeton University.

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So many little forms of electoral fraud

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election froudThere are many forms of electoral fraud that don’t merit a full article because there isn’t much to say. For instance, the abuse of proxy votes. A proxy vote is when someone casts a vote for another person because they’re unable to do so for a variety of reasons. The most common form of electoral fraud using proxy votes involves old people, typically those in retirement homes. The residents in the homes will be asked to fill out an absentee vote form because they

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Ballot stuffing as electoral fraud

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Ballot stuffing has long been one of the ways dirty candidates and their people try to commit electoral fraud. In the simplest form it’s literally stuffing the ballot box with votes, although this doesn’t work in any sort of advanced country since a ballot box doesn’t really exist anymore. There was a time when it was hugely popular and all sorts of shady people under the employ of a

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Election fraud through gerrymandering

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Gerrymandering is an often legal form of election fraud that crafty politicians put to use to changes voting districts to their benefit. The term refers to the shaping of electorate boundaries to generate a particular result. For instance, a district could be re-shaped so that all of the African American voters who lean Democratic in an area could end up in one district.

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