Election fraud through gerrymandering

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Gerrymandering is an often legal form of election fraud that crafty politicians put to use to changes voting districts to their benefit. The term refers to the shaping of electorate boundaries to generate a particular result. For instance, a district could be re-shaped so that all of the African American voters who lean Democratic in an area could end up in one district. The Democrats would then with that particular area in a landslide and all the electoral votes would go to them. However, the other districts in that area would then be more favorable to Republican candidates.


The rules regarding gerrymandering are a bit fuzzy and therefore it’s often practiced but no one ends up charged with electoral fraud. Even if someone is clearly remaking electoral districts with the intention of swaying elections it can be difficult to prove that they’re doing so. Sometimes gerrymandering slips right under the radar and no one even pays attention. It’s a surprisingly effective way of shifting elections though. You can try to prevent gerrymandering as election fraud by paying close attention to these changes and bringing them to the attention of anyone that will listen. News outlets in particular are good because everyone loves a corruption story.


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