Electronic voting machines are subject to electoral fraud

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Electronic Voting machinesElectronic voting machines make it impossible to carry out certain types of electoral fraud but they open up new types of fraud at the same time so they’re far from perfect. Some of you might think that such thoughts are paranoid fantasies but the machines have actually been tampered by people looking to prove it’s possible, including Princeton University. These are not flawless devices and while fraud is unlikely they are certainly open to it and can suffer issues like any other piece of technology.

A simple way of enacting electronic voting machine fraud is to mess with the software on the machine. You can do any number of things but the primary use would be to alter votes or vote totals to tip the scales in favor of your candidate. Several demonstrations of this technique have been conducted and they’ve always been successful. It’s easier than you might think but of course it’s still a complicated operation that requires a skilled computer operator and access to the machines.

One of the biggest issues with these machines is that they’re not produced by the government, which leaves them open to all sorts of corruption issues. The facility is not inspected by the government and the production procedures aren’t vetted. It’s certainly possible that someone to enact large scale voting fraud could change things on the production level and break the machines as they see fit. It’s also possible to pull the memory cards out of the machines and replace them with one of your own. If at any point in the process someone had unfettered access to them they could do some serious damage.

Some voting machines require a smartcard to be able to vote. The cards are usually deactivated by the people at the polling station but it’s entirely possible to manufacture your own at home (obviously a complicated process) and then vote endlessly in the booth. The machines are often not checked thoroughly because the folks behind them are worried about the competition stealing their code. That means if something is fishy with a machine there’s a chance it can go overlooked. All the election fraud possibilities with the machines are unlikely but still possible so everyone has to be vigilant and aware that these things can happen. Never underestimate the desire of politicians and those that surround them to win at all costs and grab power for themselves.

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