So many little forms of electoral fraud

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election froudThere are many forms of electoral fraud that don’t merit a full article because there isn’t much to say. For instance, the abuse of proxy votes. A proxy vote is when someone casts a vote for another person because they’re unable to do so for a variety of reasons. The most common form of electoral fraud using proxy votes involves old people, typically those in retirement homes. The residents in the homes will be asked to fill out an absentee vote form because they can’t leave to go to the polls. Either the forms are actually applications for proxy votes or they’re rewritten to be such. Then the retirees have unwittingly given their vote to someone else. Laws have been enacted to prevent this by making it so that one person can’t be proxy for more than a few others.

If an election official has a nefarious agenda they are often presented with multiple opportunities to commit voter fraud, typically by changing someone’s vote. If a blind or exceptionally old person comes into the balloting center and needs helping casting their vote the official could simply cast it for whomever they want and tell the person the vote they desired was cast. It’s simple and requires a morally corrupt person to put into motion.

Simple misinformation campaigns are used to deter voters. In the US every candidate engages in such things with almost every ad they run. Laws were recently enacted that require the candidate to essentially swear to the truth of what’s said in every ad, but that doesn’t stop his support groups from running ads that are full of lies. Voters can also be lied to about the time and place of polling, leaving them unable to cast their choice when the time comes. They’re not overtly illegal but still immoral. When it comes to gaining political power people are willing to do anything.

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